August Red Carpet

August Red Carpet

Isn’t it awesome that the most beautiful events are graced by Red Carpet entrances? What could be more beautiful than an entrance into a new month through a Carpet soaked Red by the blood of the Christ?

As empty as space and time are every new day and month. Empty and worthless are the centuries of our ages if not filled with the content of he that Inherited the All Things of the Father.

The unveiling of Christ to a man, births the Supernatural within him, causes Christ to be formed in him, and builds a stature within him. With the teaching of Christ comes his exaltation. At the unveiling of Christ comes his authority.

Its a new month. Another 31days. What is being unveiled, what are you taking in, what mountain are you actively conquering for God, what are your plans for intimacy for this month.

Do you have planned dates with your strengthener? Do you have planned studies, prayers times, retreats? Do you even have time and space within the month for HIM(Christ) to be unveiled to you? What are my plans for the month and what are yours?

Or are you going through the same monthly cycle again? Movies, play, food, and the peripherals without the reception of the content of Christ? Break the cycle this month and allow Christ into the plans.

We would be glad if you’ll join the train to attend this full month of prayer and expositions into the kingdom of God and the Christ.

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I am a lady of integrity ,a child of God with my influence sphere around religion,family/relationship and fashion..I love looking good😍😋