God’s Visitation

God’s Visitation

There is nobody that is in himself or herself a sufficient reason for the visitation of God. Let us make this very plain: anywhere that God is at work, so far as you can confirm that it is God that is at work, you don’t need to find out why because God has only one reason for working and that reason is God. There is nothing else that is sufficient to mobilize God to work apart from Himself. Nothing!

Zechariah prayed to God heartily and tearfully for a son, as it was the desire of every priest to perpetuate the priesthood in his lineage. He didn’t want to die leaving his lineage empty. He prayed and wept so much that he gave up all hope of an answer to that prayer. Then God sent an angel to him to say, “Fear not, Zechariah, because your prayer has been heard.” At that point, Zechariah could not even remember which of his prayer the angel was referring to because he had long given up his desire for a child.

Now, why did God show up at such an odd time? God stepped in right there and then because the child that will come out of the loins of that man, by divine ordination, will be the forerunner of the Messiah. And until the Messiah is ready to come, John is not ready to come.

Again, it is important to underscore the fact that if God ever visited you, it is for reasons that are more than you. You are not enough reason for Him to come. While you might have been told that you are so important that Jesus came to die for you, it is actually not true. Whatever God does, He does it for His namesake. When you get to the extremities of your pleadings and intercessions, if nothing else works, set God against God. Don’t ask God questions like, “Lord, is this how we would continue to remain?” because people have been in worse conditions and that did not change God. You will not be the first, neither would you be the last.

The men that went before us, like Moses, understood better, that prayer with God’s glory as the goal is what brings results. When they get to such point of deadlock, they prayed to God like this: “Oh Lord, what would all this nations roundabout say? They would now jest that you are not strong enough, that you could not make it happen; that you could not finish what you began. At a time when God was angry with Israel, Moses pleaded with God thus: “Why should the Egyptians speak, and say, ‘He brought them out to harm them, to kill them in the mountains, and to consume them from the face of the earth’?” (Exodus 32:12) Moses knew that there was no other reason that he could put forth for God to stay action, so He pointed out that God’s name and glory was at stake. When God heard His name, He considered it and changed His mind.
God would later rub it on the face of the children of Israel that they shouldn’t think that He refrained from action because of them; rather, He spared them for the sake of His name.

Till date, you and I are spared for the sake of His name. So, as long as you are still running your present empire and petty kingdom, and you are still asking God to come for you for your sake, you are wrong. It is time to seek God beyond your personal conveniences and comforts. Go beyond yourself in prayer; focus on Him and His glory alone. Like Hannah, weigh your needs and desires in the light of His glory. This is what it means to be kingdom-minded in prayer. Remember, to Him “belongs the kingdom, the power and the glory.” Amen.


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