How to be strong in the Lord (Volume 1)

How to be strong in the Lord (Volume 1)

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.

(Ephesians 6:10)

The above scripture was the opening scripture to Paul’s final admonition to the people in Ephesus. The message version renders the scripture by saying God is strong and he wants you to be strong.

The need for strength in every area of life cannot be overemphasized, because we need strength to live. All activities require strength to be performed. In physics, we were told that work is done whenever a force (a function of strength) moves through a distance, and that energy is the ability (strength) to do work. This is true both physically and spiritually. It is important for us to know the gauge of the strength in us, and check if we are capable of living or performing certain responsibility.

What does it mean to be strong in the Lord?

  1. To be strong in the Lord means to have your strength in the lord.
  2. To be strong in the lord means to have a force that can push through a distance (challenges of life) in the lord
  3. To be strong in the lord means the lord is the source of our ability.
  4. The message version says God is strong and he wants you to be strong. This means to be strong in the lord is to have God’s strength, power, energy, ability, capacity, capability etc. resident in you.

The Law of conservation of Strength

Strength can neither be created nor destroyed but it can be transferred from one place or form to the other. Let us dissect the law:

Strength cannot be created it can only be transferred, this means, the strength which makes you strong is not self-generated, it comes from God. The scriptures declared that God to be all-powerful- God is omnipotent (Psalm 62:11). We can see that the power of God is transferred from him to the creation and he gave an iota of his power to all creations. That is why you get energy from eating food because during creation god gave rice the power to give physical strength.

Strength can be transferred from one form to another. All powers belong to God (1 Peter. 5:11). All powers are God originated, is God sourced. The devil’s power, demonic power, the power of life and resurrection, the power of agriculture and any other forms of power originated from God. Every power was projected from God. Every power as it roots from God. Strength or power can change form in whosoever it comes to. The strength agricultural products produce are not the same produced by a demonic spirit and vice-versa. Nevertheless, all strength is God-given. For example, spiritual strength could change form to physical manifestation, to agricultural increase and may other forms.

It is important to understand why strength change form, and how to maintain and increase the God kind of strength made for you.

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