Kingdom Advancement

Kingdom Advancement

There is something called kingdom advancement in the kingdom of Light and it starts with every individual allowing the father of light to work on them, so they can legislate on his behalf in this world. After the light has been dispensed upon sons in this kingdom, they all have kingdom assignments and responsibilities to embark on in this world for the increase in the government of the father of light upon this kingdom, and this is tagged ‘”KINGDOM ADVANCEMENT”.

Sons can take up assignments in different areas but we would focus on the implication of sons not taking up responsibilities in Politics. When believers don’t take secular responsibilities in politics majorly for the fear that its a dirty game and they don’t want to be corrupted. This is called irresponsibility by biblical standards because that means that the gate and the sphere of government are closed to God because his children have refused to open it.

This position when taken by Christians (I mean people who live the life of Christ, not churchgoers) causes Christ to influence the system of governance, the way Daniel did and the end result is that Christ is shown, known and the world is culturalized after the system of the Kingdom. The government is the highest place of influence where Christ can be easily shown. The end result of Daniel taking a government job or position was that the whole nation of Babylon was won for God by one man’s tenacity to serve God there.

But not everybody can function in such esteemed position, so every believer must know where God has called them. Don’t go to the place of government if you have been called to a pulpit ministry. Decision making coupled with knowledge and passion are needed in governance. You can’t be tonguing when asked to contribute to a matter. No matter the fire a believer has or revelation about what is wrong in government he has received, he can’t activate those things without understanding. Daniel was skilled in languages, strategies and he learnt the Babylonian way for functionality. Understanding they say sponsors functionality.

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