Strength in Days of Adversity

Strength in Days of Adversity

Definition of Terms

Strength: This is the quality of being STRONG, the intensity of FORCE or POWER. I.e POTENCY.

Days: A particular time or period of vague extent. Meaning it’s not every day, but you can’t know how long it would take.

Adversity: Events, Occurrences that are not favorable. Calamities, a state of misfortune, a state of temptations, tests, etc.

Strength in the Days of Adversity: is being STRONG in the PERIODS of vague extents of CALAMITY, TEMPTATIONS or TESTS.

Adversity is either to build you or to destroy, you are the determinant of what it will make of you.

Examples of People who got Strength in The days of Adversities

Firstly, our Lord Jesus Christ was faced with his own adversity according to Matthew 4. The devil didn’t come to Jesus the first day he got to the wilderness, he came to him in the last day, he thought Jesus wasn’t prepared, not knowing he had been building capacity for 40 days fasting and praying. Jesus overcame him by the Word of God. Are you faced with adversities in the form of temptations? Imitate Jesus by responding to the dictates of the devil with the Word of God.

Another example is Elijah the Prophet in 1Kings 19, the devil came for him after he had done exploits in GOD, he didn’t come when he just started his prophetic ministry. He came when he had gained enough mastery with the things of God, but God was with him. This means God is always present with us in times of adversities, God sent men to Elijah to assist him. Verse 15-21 of 1kings 19 revealed that help came to Elijah and he overcame.

SABO – The process of Waiting

Adversity can come in different ways, the way out is to discern it. Jesus, Elijah, and other men and women of faith in the scriptures discerned the days and they overcame. The Bible says, They That Wait Upon The LordShall Renew Their Strength, They Shall Mount Up with Wings of Eagles, They Shall Run and Not Be Weary Walk Faint. Isa. 40:31. The secret for renewal of strength, is WAITING, Jesus himself waited for years, the disciples waited, Elijah waited.

The process of waiting is what I refer to as SABO (SECRETLY, ABIDING BY OBEDIENCE). During waiting you can engage yourself in spiritual activities such as fasting, praying, studying the bible, reading books, and so on. These things will kill the flesh and strengthen the spirit of man.

In conclusion, the scripture says, if you faint in times of adversity, your strength is little Prov. 24:10, meaning if you fall in the days of adversities, you’ve not waited enough, because waiting brings strength. Lk.18:1 says “Men ought to pray and not to faint”. When you faint, you have no strength because you’ve not prayed. When you PRAY you have strength.

God bless you.

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