The Destroyer (Part One): The Devil

The Destroyer (Part One): The Devil

Many of us are familiar with satan or the devil is the destroyer. He came to destroy God’s ultimate plan for mankind. The Bible says in John 10:10, the thief (devil) comes not but to steal, kill, and to destroy. The height of what the devil can do to a man is to destroy.

How Does the devil destroy?

Destruction from the devil follows a well known process-he steals then kills before destroying.

He Steals

The devil steals, that is why the Bible refers to him as the deceiver. This means he steals by deceiving. Did you notice this trend in his conversation with Eve, (Genesis 3:15)? The devil deceives by asking questions to fully get information, he is very subtle, just like some of us when we want to steal from our mother’s purse- we are very careful. When the devil steals from you, he steals God’s words in you. The Bible spoke about 3 different kinds of ways the devil steals, Mark 4:1-20. He steals

  1. God’s word from you
  2. God’s word about you
  3. God’s word in you

The devil already successfully stole from Eve, her perception of things was altered. Genesis 3:6 says Eve began to see the tree differently, this was the tree she had been seeing for long but after the devil successfully deceived her, and her ability to see from the vista of God had been stolen, her visions were adulterated. As at this point she was savable. The thief has only stolen from her, I expected Adam to say No! refusing her, but that was not the case.

He Kills

The deception led to taking the fruit and she ate, right there the devil killed her. The fruit she ate is the seed of death which is sin (James 1:15). Adam and Eve’s eyes were not opened until they ate the fruit, their spirit was still alive (although struggling because God’s vista in them is stolen), but the moment they ate the seed of death, life departed then their senses began to govern. He cometh not but to kill.

Whenever you begin to contemplate or doubt God’s word, divine ideas, revelations, the thief is at work, when you yield and disobey, the killer has done his job.

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He Destroys

The Bible says God is glorified when you bear much fruit (John 15:8), so also is the devil glorified when he successfully destroys you. It is interesting to know that death is not the end. It would have been a joyful moment for the devil and his agents when they successfully introduced death to God’s ultimate plan and when God sent the man forth from Eden (Genesis 3:23), and when it grieved God that He made man on the earth (Genesis 6:6). At this point, the devil in his mind had destroyed God’s plan for Humanity and the man is eternally his.

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