The Glorious Exit

The Glorious Exit

When do you often see the term “Glorious Exit”? You will obviously agree with me that this term is used in the obituary of an elderly person. A person who died at age 70 and above is believed to have leaved the world gloriously. Whereas, a young man who died at age 33 is said to have “Gone too soon”.

My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD (Isaiah 55:8). When the records in heaven are checked a man is judged by our well he lived and not how long he lived. The kind of exit that is accorded to a man is determined by the kind of life he lived. This means the man Jesus that died at 33 exited the world gloriously and Methuselah died too soon even at age 969.

A man who never lived for purpose at any age he dies, he is gone too soon. What makes an exit of life glorious is not in the longevity of age but in the fulfilment of purpose. It is a glorious exit when you live purpose and make heaven but you are gone too soon when you all-together rest in hell. It was a glorious exit for Stephen when Jesus who was sitting at God right hand maintained a standing position and of course the angels are in jubilation.

The is not is not to advocate early death, God is interested in our living long. But God is more interested in you living for purpose. You will die one day- will your exit be glorious or gone too soon. (Selah)

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