The Village “Dark”

We, slaves, in the local hunted village called "Dark". Stripped, tortured, battered and tattered with no day nor a hope of break. Children, women, and men, none were differentiated to give even a little sense of dignity. 
We watched helplessly under the command of the ruler of the village, Baal. Baal has ripped us apart, and nothing, absolutely nothing could we do. Tears flow freely as the streams, for we know it shouldn't be, but we knew not what to do!
Baal was not himself the sovereign Ruler, no, he was only a rogue, a rebel. He expanded his domain by means of his ever cunning attitude, that was how he got us, promised us riches and then taking our lives in its place.
Oh! How we have watched helplessly. We tried all we could, protests, rebellion, war, badmouthing but nothing ever worked. We cried day and night (though all times here are night) for help, hoping the Sovereign Ruler, the GODFATHER would hear us.

The Light

"HE comes! HE comes!" I heard Mara from outside the dungeon screaming at the top of her voice. "HE comes! HE is here! GODFATHER listened, HE heard us, HE responded to our cries, HE'S here!!!"  
I ran out to see for myself and I beheld, there HE was, or wait, "Is HE?" I asked the other slave beside me, she replied, No, HE is not. Wait, she exclaimed, HE is. HE looks exactly like HIM, but HE also looks like us too. HIS aura and radiance separates HIM from us!"
I summoned courage and I asked HIM, "who hath thou?" HE replied and spake (HIS voice brought calmness to my tumultuous soul) "I am THE GODSON, ye know ME not for until now have I been made flesh to dwell with thee. THE GODFATHER had sent me to in your stead be here, that ye may have MY Light and I your darkness, if thou wouldest believe and receive ME. 
In response to HIS CALL, I bowed, I went on my kneels in adoration to the GODFATHER and appreciation and acceptance of the GODSON! For HE came to save us, HE came to save us all! 
Everyone who believed and recieved him, and of those who confessed him as Lord and Savior, immediately had our aura and radiance changed and became as HIS. 
GODSON is yet ALIVE and well. HE, after three days conquered and subjected the rulership of Baal, took all powers and has them now! 
HE is risen into greater Light! Greater glory! With all knees bowed too HIM and HIS Name on all tongues saying, "JESUS!, JESUS!!" 
The GODSON told us to go, there are many others as we were everywhere, HE told us to make them as HE is, to make lights of Light, as candles light candles and as iron sharpens iron.

Your Decision

Still wondering about the GODSON and the whole concept of the story? It is a poetic representation of the finished work of CHRIST for you. HE awaits your coming into HIS Kingdom, away from the rottenness of this world, away from the pain and affliction, away from the darkness, away from the sin that sinks, into HIS marvelous Light, Salvation, Glory, and Power! Would you come today beloved?

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