The night came, the rains fell, and so did my heart – crashed in pieces, as I realized that my mother laid 6 feet under the ground, my father has long gone to paradise. I was 14 years old at the time and I roamed this world “Solo”, yours truly. With no arm to hold me, no hand to feed me and no voice to guide me, I wandered the streets of Lagos, barely trying to survive.

You would ask me, didn’t I have family relatives or close family friends that could take me in? My response will be an affirmative NO! Mum was the only surviving child of her late parents who had relocated from their village to the city. She had since lost contact with her kinsmen and since my Father’s parents were not in support of their marriage, I was regarded as the Bastard Girl child–hated by many and loved by none.

I found shelter under the bridge and fed from the proceeds of alms begging. One auspicious night after the day’s activities, I laid my head to rest under the Mile 12 bridge, totally exhausted. As I slept with one eye open, I felt a tug between my thighs. Then a finger in between my legs, caressing where only my future husband should. I quickly opened both eyes only to see a young man with a lustful smile all over his face. “You wan play with me?” He barked! Not knowing what to say or do, I starred in shock while he continued talking. “I like you gan o. Let us play this night.” A boisterous laugh followed. The man grabbed my arms before I could take to my heels and pinned me down, as he tore my skirt. I screamed my heart out, but no one was nearby to hear my voice or feel my pain. My child-like arms couldn’t resist his manly muscles. With devilish cruelty, He took my innocence and gave me another reason tore mind myself that I was worthless. I cried! yet he did it again and again until I couldn’t find my voice again.

Welcome to my world where my voice means nothing, my innocence exchanged for filthy rags. My name is Mimi and this is my Reality!

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I am a Kingdom Enthusiast, about engineer by profession, and a Music Minister with the passion to influence youths for Christ through Music. I believe strongly that the bedrock of every life endeavour should be founded on the Word of God. This informs my desire to communicate in writing some truths I have discovered in scripture as pertaining music and religion. Join me as we explore the riches of the truth of Gods word!