There was a particular moment in my life that I was really down, I felt like I could never be anything in life, that God would never come to my rescue. All visible light seemed dim and a voice was conversing in me “Titi be realistic, look at your current circumstances and check your aim, check your dreams, you should know that somethings are not just possible. That dream can never come to reality Looking at everything around you. You have no one to help, your foolish decisions have been detrimental to the only source of help you had”. The voice continued and I believed those words too. I was searching and thinking of solutions out of my dilemma, I was really bittered towards life, I was moved to tears😭.

I made My FATHER Too Small In My Heart, believed the lies the devil. But Behold, a gentle voice from within was at that point telling me to push harder, hold on to God, to check out the promises in His words for me. “Yes, everything seems not to work, the flowing river seems dried up, and you might have made some unwise decisions, but have you forgotten my wondrous works in the Holy Bible? have you forgotten Who I am so soon?

These and many more are the situations some of us believers find ourselves. The devil speaks loudly to us and starts showing us the impossible, showing us realities that things will never work out. That we’re aiming too high and alas we believe the words he says and gradually we start drawing away from our MAKER. His(devil) aim, after all, is to make us fall from Grace and draw us to himself.

At that point, we start blaming God, Start losing trust in HIM and therefore accept the devil’s suggestions looking elsewhere for help. We Simply BELLITTLED Our Heavenly Father.

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