WHO AM I? (Part 2)

WHO AM I? (Part 2)

Maybe if I knew who I was, maybe, just maybe

Maybe if I knew whence I came, maybe, oh maybe

Maybe if I knew what to do, maybe, just maybe

Maybe if I knew WHO I belonged to, maybe, oh maybe

WHO I belonged to? WHO I still belong to?

WHO do I belong to? WHO could I belong to?

I heard there is a Book of Destiny,

I will arise and go in search of my identity

Of whom shall I ask?

To whom shall I report?

Whence cometh my support? 

The Book! Oh the Book of Destiny!

I hear the Author said “Come”, so I came…

I went, I found HIM in HIS Book

I  beheld, oh the love HIS eyes held

HE knew my name, then HE called me by HIS Name – god

My knees weakened, my eyes sunken

My soul lifted, and my spirit edified

I am god, one of the many on Earth

I am god, I arose and walked with the AUTHOR  to find out more…

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