Life is unpredictable. Things happen and people talk. Sometimes, this happenings catches us unaware and unprepared. The things you felt secure in can be shaky and uncertain suddenly. Graduating from school, getting a satisfying job/offer, saying yes to the one you love and all of a sudden, life throws a curveball.

There is a great risk in attaching one’s identity to situations. The circumstances surrounding you do not make up your identity. They don’t define you. It’s only a piece to the puzzle. Gideon is a perfect example of one who attached his makeup to his background and situation but thanks be to God for his unfailing love (Judges 6:1-40).

Most times, we are tempted to define ourselves through other’s perception of us. We yearn for their validation to feel fulfilled and complete. How ridiculous!

A writer once wrote and I quote” the worst individual on earth is one who does not listen to anybody and one who listens to everybody”. As beautiful as it is to give audience to respected and experienced individuals in our lives, no one has the capacity to define you!. Humans are too limited and incapacitated to do that. Your experiences are not enough either, they are just a fraction of your totality.

Your identity is not about how you see your self or how others see you, it’s about how God sees you (Rev 5:10, 1peter 2:9-10). You are divinely treasured, loved and forgiven, you have been made a priest, you are chosen, you are royalty, you have been bought and redeemed, you are an heir, not a stranger, you are not a weakling nor a sickler, you are not a failure, you have been made victorious and not a victim. Life experiences could have clouded you with lies and disbelief about the real you, it’s time to shake off. Fight against the false belief by continually dwelling and studying God’s word till it becomes your reality.

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